meltem nil & etoile chaville duo performance on 25 april 2014 at 3rd action theater & physical improvisation festival
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photo by jagna anderson

6 December 2014 | Etoile Chaville | Julian Datta | Meltem Nil

20h | Mime Centrum Berlin | Studio 2 at Kunstquartier Bethanien | Mariannenplatz 2 | 10997 Berlin

Improvised performances in changing constellations

Donation 8 – 10 € {sliding scale}
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Etoile Chaville

(FR/GER) is a professional dancer and a singer.
She is also certified in yoga and Action Theater. She regularly performs improvisational work characterized by a stunning mastership of both her body and voice, keeping them perfectly in sync with her emotions.
She has worked a.o. for dance companies Karine Saporta,Heike Hennig & Co, Deutsche Oper, The Opera Group and has taught improvisation workshops at venues like Tanzfabrik Berlin, Studio K77, Ada Studio, Dock 11 and in France.
At the moment she is working on her first album with her music band Les Cigales Caramels.

Meltem Nil

studied visual arts at Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart. She studied contemporary dance and improvisation with choreographer Lisa Thomas. After taking part in workshops with Andrew Morrish she started solo improvisation in 2007. An other important teacher for her is Sten Rudstrøm. She improvises regularly at ada-Studio and Freistil at Tanzfabrik. She improvised at Tanzwerk in Bremen and in the series Les Crocodiles curated by Rosalind Crisp at the Cartoucherie in Paris. Last year she took part in the project Selfportrait 24 by Marcela Giesche as a performer and performed at the 2nd Action Theater Festival Berlin and the Improvisation Xchange Berlin Festival. Together with Sandra Wieser she founded the improvisation series PETUNIEN at ada-Studio.

Julian Datta

is a Berlin-based guitarist, in recent years on stages and in the studio together a.o. with Santiago Blaums Musiktheater-Ensemble, Les Cigales Caramels, Frankie Flowerz (aka Mohan Das), Kalamatraka, Kilinba, Sister Fa, Louis-Jean Mendy as well as with various ad-hoc-cover- and improvisation projects.