There are some awesome new videos in our mediathek:   Performomat 2// Where is my when // by WAH (Weber – Anderson – Helschinger) camera: Katharina Hauke, editing: Anja Weber   SUNDOGS (TRACES, part 3) by Jagna Anderson & Dodi Helschinger, with Michal Talma-Sutt playing piano video documentation and trailer: Roberto Duarte… Read More


On February 26 Billie Hanne, a Brussels-based choreographer, dancer and poet, directed the 6th edition of performomat as a series of dance miniatures for different numbers of dancers. Dance: Jagna Anderson, Maayan Dannoch, Elena Dragonetti, Evan Foster, Billie Hanne, Anni Lattunen, Sarah Menger, Coline Quintin, Maya Raghavan, Ingo Reulecke, Maria Rutanen, Anja Weber Pictures by… Read More


On Sunday, October 30, a group of performonauts met the forces of gravitation, following it’s laws and also trying to override them. After exploring extreme yielding into the gravity, the absolute surrender to the weight, we started looking for some floating structures of the body, capable of mobilizing the body again. We were orbiting around… Read More

Roberto Goerli c

We are happy to announce that the p.u.re. project is going to start soon! You may read more in english here, or enjoy an interview with Jagna Anderson in German below. Was sind für euch die wesentlichen Charakteristika einer site-specific Performance? Für uns ist das wesentliche die Wahrnehmung. Die sensorische Wahrnehmung kann immer weiter verfeinert… Read More


Görli Dreamin’ is the first piece completely produced by impro.per.arts. The premiere took place on Sunday, September 6 and one further performance is scheduled for September 12. For impro.per.arts a curatorial platform focusing on improvisation and instant composition, to include production into the field of our activity feels at first as a new step. But… Read More


The first season of the 60_minutes series is fulfilled but still reverberating. In her very readable blog about improvisation María Ferrara reflects about Grapeshade, one of the 60_minutes guests, and hits the nail right on the head: (…) Grapeshade is more than site-specific; the way they interact with the topography of the audience and the… Read More


The Open Studio is a format offered by Improvisation Xchange Berlin (29.07. – 09.08. 2015), an annual festival platform organized by berlin arts united. In Open Studios Berlin-based multidisciplinary performing groups and initiatives share their approaches to instant composition. The performers will refer to their strategies, focus, and artistic practices in a lab situation which… Read More

60 hhh

The program for the 2nd season of the 60_minutes series curated by Jagna Anderson is ready. Among the featured artists: Sten Rudstrøm, Julyen Hamilton, Maya M. Carroll,Roy Carroll, Thomas Gerwin, Ingo Reulecke, Biliana Voutchkova, Britta Pudelko, Michael Thieke, Ulrike Sowodniok, Kate Hilder, Seke Chimutengwende … Enjoy browsing!… Read More


We are happy to present you some opportunities to participate in research projects: May 29 – 30: Laura Hicks is looking for professional dancers or movers with improvisation experience. The subject of her research are improvisational states. Participation is free, you may apply (with some words about your background and your improvisation experience) till May… Read More