etoile chaville | improvised performance at 3rd action theater & physical improvisation festival 2013
photo by jagna anderson

7 December 2014 | 13 – 16 h | Mime Centrum Berlin


particularly suitable for dancers wishing to develop vocal, and verbal skills or actors and singers wanting to develop their physical/movement skills.
However, anyone simply interested in playing, getting a better understanding of their body and increasing their presence is welcome to join.

Time is what we have, but what do we do with it? 
In this workshop we will see how an acute sense of timing and musicality can sharpen the form of what is being expressed during our improvisation. We will work with movement, voice and language. We will use interruption, synchronisation and separation of physical and vocal action to gain a greater awareness of the beginning and end of an action. We will use beat and tempo as tools to generate regular and irregular rhythm. We will use rhythm to set up repeatable patterns. We will see how the dynamics – contrasting, changing the speed, the quality and the intensity – of an action can inform and influence its content and meaning. We will see language and words as an opportunity to make music, focusing on the sounds of the words rather than on their meaning. We will practice pausing and listening to add tension and clarity to what we do.

Etoile Chaville

(FR/GER) is a professional dancer and a singer.
She is also certified in yoga and Action Theater. She regularly performs improvisational work characterized by a stunning mastership of both her body and voice, keeping them perfectly in sync with her emotions.
She has worked a.o. for dance companies Karine Saporta, Heike Hennig & Co, Deutsche Oper, The Opera Group and has taught improvisation workshops at venues like Tanzfabrik Berlin, Studio K77, Ada Studio, Dock 11 and in France.
At the moment she is working on her first album with her music band Les Cigales Caramels.

Price: 30,00 €
Venue: Mime Centrum Berlin, Studio 2 at Kunstquartier Bethanien | Mariannenplatz 2 | 10997 Berlin
Time: 7 December 2014 | 13 – 16h
Language: The course will probably be taught in English unless everybody speaks German or French.