photo by anna rozkosny

9 – 13 March 2015 | 10 – 15h | Phynixtanzt

Action Theater™ Intensive Workshop

in cooperation with Tanz & Theater im Phynix e.V.


Improvised performance poses particular challenges. One of the crucial ones is:
How to be fully oneself and how to be fully with each other?
There are more of such apparently contradictory demands, which will be explored and dealt with during the workshop.

This intensive workshop is about
working solo and in ensemble,
about awareness and getting access to poetry,
about stillness and the wild animal.
During the week we’ll go deep into the subtleties of balancing inner and outer as well as discover the potential of the “unbalanced”, the pure energy of the outbreak.

The workshop is based on Action Theater™, an improvisational physical theater training and performance method created by Ruth Zaporah.

Sabine von der Tann

holds a degree for rhythmic-musical education from Folkwang University Essen, a Master of Arts in Dance Movement Therapy, USA, and has been a trainer for DGT. She is a certified senior teacher of Action Theater™ and continues to study the art of improvisation. After having lived in New York and in Berkeley she moved to Berlin in 2004, where she is involved in teaching, performing and writing.

Time: 9 – 13 March | Mon – Fri 10h – 15h (25 h)
Venue: Phynixtanzt | Hasenheide 54 | 10967 Berlin | courtyard 2-3, 3 floor
Price: 250,00*€/ 280,00 € {*before February 9}