The annual Action Theater & Physical Improvisation Festival in Berlin was launched 2012 at the initiative of Stefanie Tübinger and Ulla Möckel.
Since 2013 Jagna Anderson and Stefanie Tübinger are organizing and curating the festival in cooperation with Mime Centrum Berlin and Action Theater Berlin. Here we are presenting some parts of the documentation of the latest issue of the festival.

  • Festival Schedule 2014
  • Festival Reader
  • Interview with Jagna Anderson & Stefanie Tübinger

    Moving Choir | Berlin | Initiative VOLK TANZ TRUPPE
    exercise in the park | performance | Mariannenplatz | 18th April 2014 | 19:30h
    Project initiator: Anna Weißenfels
    Project development: Anna Weißenfels, Frauke Gerhard
    Performance: Selda Altin | Marialuisa Capurso | Lea Dietschmann | Julia Marlen Mahlke | Anna Weißenfels
    photo by jagna anderson


    Susanne Schmitt | just another failure
    performance on 21 April 2014
    photo by Jagna Anderson


    EAT – European Action Theater Ensemble
    performance on 24 April 2014
    Sten Rudstrøm | Peter Krempelsetzer | Sabine von der Tann | Kate Hilder
    photo by Jagna Anderson


    Streugut Ensemble
    performance on 25 April 2014
    Sten Rudstrøm | Zufit Simon | Ingo Reulecke | Martin Clausen | Alexander Fragenheim
    photo by Jagna Anderson