Program July – December 2017

1 JulyFrom the Scratch

    • Marianthi Michailidou, Esmeralda Detmers, Zwaan de Vries

30 September • Ulrike Brand, Katja Pudor, Ingo Reulecke
29 October • Kovács/O’Doherty
25 NovemberAll for Big B

    • Billie & Wheelgod • Billie Hanne, Barbara Pereyra


Program January – June 2017

28 January • Sten Rudstrøm
18 February • The Instrument • AMAR • Maya M. Carroll, Roy Carroll, Akemi Nagao, Meinrad Kneer
25 FebruaryEncounters • Biliana Voutchkova & Walli Höfinger
25 MarchPeau’rosität • Naïma Ferré
29 April • Story of Shapes – Extended Blue • Elma Riza with Mireia Aragones & Eric Wong
27 May • GANG • María Ferrara (direction) with Jagna Anderson, Evan Foster, Thomas Kokkinos-Kennedy, Ingo Reulecke, Ingolf Sessler, Susanne Soldan, Andrew Wass
1 July • From the Scratch • Marianthi Michailidou, Esmeralda Detmers, Zwaan de Vries

Program September – December 2016

curated by Jagna Anderson
24 September • Simon Rose & Andrew Wass
22 October • PLOT • Bettina Neuhaus, Ursula Sabatin, Paolo Cingolani, Blaise Powell & Parak.eets: Ute Wassermann, Richard Scott, Emilio Gordoa
12 November • Thomas Gerwin & Britta Schönbrunn • Contiguity
10 December • Anna Barth, Bettina Mainz, Janine Schneider • Attitude

Program January – June 2016

curated by Jagna Anderson
16 January • Ulrike Sowodniok • Styx. A solo performance
23 January • schwindelfrei trio • music, movement and language
13 February • William “Bilwa” Costa (sound), Elisabeth Schilling (dance), Emily Ranford (dance) • (3) minutes – (20) times
27 February • Ingo Reulecke (dance), Marc Lingk (electronics), Klaus Schöpp (alto, bass and contralto flutes)
27 March • Streugut: Martin Clausen (performance), Alexander Frangenheim (double bass), Ingo Reulecke (dance), Sten Rudstrøm (performance), Zufit Simon (dance)
2 April • Christoph Matti: Drama King
30 April • Elma Riza (concept, performance) & Klaus Janek (sound): Playground #2

28 May • Phyla & MIRC: Minimal improvisation (music/sound/movement)
18 June • Jagna Anderson & Aya Mishkelboim (dance/voice/sound)

Program September – December 2015

curated by Jagna Anderson
26 SeptemberSten Rudstrom • movement, sound & language solo

3 OctoberKate Hilder & Seke Chimutengwende • movement, sound & language duet

24 OctoberBIT – Britta Pudelko, Ingo Reulecke, Thomas Gerwin • dance & sound art performance

7 NovemberUlrike Sowodniok • voice, movement & language solo

21 NovemberMaya M. Carroll, Roy Caroll and Guests • dance & sound improvisation

12 DecemberBiliana Voutchkova, Michael Thieke, Julyen Hamilton • music, sound & movement performance



Program Februar – July 2015

curated by Jagna Anderson

14 February • In Between. Work in Progress • Nagao – Pertusot – Riza • movement & installation

28 March“Bilwa” – Nagao – Reulecke • movement/sound structure

18 Aprilgrapeshade • movement/sound structure

23 MayMeltem Nil • movement, voice & language solo

27 JuneRosalind Crisp & Andrea Keiz • dance & live video project

4 Julyschwindelfrei quartet • music, movement & language

18 JulyAnna Weißenfels • movement & sound solo project


research platform & performance series

There is not even any need to say how essential time – duration, tempo, rhythm, timing – is as an element of every improvisation. However the duration is not always the matter of completely free artistic decision, but sometimes it is due to given circumstances. I’ve noticed, that Berlin offers much more opportunities to stage short improvised pieces than the longer ones.

Assuming that improvisations purposefully designed for longer duration are an exciting field for research, which brings different challenges, opens different perspectives and invites different ways of working/rehearsing than working with micro-scores of 15 or 30 minutes, I have launched the 60_minutes performance series in 2015. The wish was to provide space for open questions and for a multitude of possible approaches in the field of durational interdisciplinary improvisation/ instant composition.

Since more than one year of regular meetings, consisting of a sixty minutes long showing/performance and an artist talk, the series has developed to an exciting, professional exchange platform for interdisciplinary improvisers. The setting of the time frame has proved to be an successful trigger for artistic inquiries into how improvisation can be choreographically, compositionally or dramaturgically structured: What are the self-imposed tasks and chosen tools to keep the tension curve and to maintain the identity of an improvised piece for sixty minutes?

The 60_minutes platform wishes to support the exchange and collaborations between artists from different disciplines upon the above mentioned topics.

Jagna Anderson

always on Saturdays at 20 h
Studio 2 – Mime Centrum Berlin | Mariannenplatz 2 | 10997 Berlin
after every show the space will be open for discussion/ artists talk

Read also María Ferrara, Why one-hour improvised solo?

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