(3) minutes – (20) times

a sixty minutes improvisation score for one sound performer and three dancers
13 February | 20 h | Mime Centrum Berlin

William “Bilwa” Costa – sound
Elisabeth Schilling – dance
Emily Ranford – dance
Saori Hala – dance


The sound performer and one dancer improvise, each creating a three minute phrase. Each phrase should have a distinct beginning, center mark, and end.

The two other observe.

After three minutes the duo each loop back to the beginning of their phrase. They will both continue looping their phrase for the entire sixty minutes. At certain a point another dancer enters,and begins performing phrase created by the first dancer; creating a duo. Eventually, the third dancer enters, also performing the same phrase, creating a trio.

The second dancer exits, leaving again a duo, and then eventually the third exits leaving again a solo with the initial dancer. At 60 minutes, both the sound performer and dancer stop. End.

The concept of the score is to create phrase through improvisation and to maintain a loop of that phrase. The phrase becomes more complex, through duration and by increasing the configuration of the dancers from a solo to a duo to a trio. These simple changes allow for many potential developments in the phrase, such as unison, phasing, or simultaneity.

The three minute sound loop will be performed for the duration.


13 February 2015 | Studio 2, Mime Centrum Berlin | Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin
performance begins 20h sharp, discussion/ artist talk ca. 21:45
entrance: donation