The Instrument

direction: Maya M. Carroll
dance: Akemi Nagao, Maya M. Carroll
double bass: Meinrad Kneer
electro acoustic media: Roy Carroll


      he: your hands are dedicated, unrushed. you could plant the tree
      in the family plot, or feed the dogs when it rains, as you wish.

      she: can i speak to the residents?

      he: they get up early in the morning. tell them about the wheat and the drop of blood
      and the wild sound of honey.

      she: i am more lucid at night time.

      he: wheat, drop of blood, honey noise, all the same in a dream.



Saturday, 18 February
20:00 sharp | with artist talk
Studio 2 – Mime Centrum Berlin | Mariannenplatz 2 | 10997 Berlin