10 December 2016 | 20 h | Mime Centrum Berlin

Janine Schneider – dance
Bettina Mainz – dance
Anna Barth – dance
Mike Flemming – viola
James Etherington – recorder & voice


Three women three stages
Each of them moving in her own way
Touching the ground in her personal manner
Note: It’s the time of the standards.

This particular sphere is where you will find me
Props and costumes on hand.
Three do not pretend to be anything but
A reflection creating ignoring to answer the question.

The question is passed to the viewers.
To you and your movement and life.
Which course the action could take?
Not easy to concentrate no attitude.

I think it might work when I let myself be
A deep breath a deeper release a closer look
On the body in motion revelation in mind
Me vastness in here experience ever around

(Janine Schneider 2015/16)

10 December 2016 | Studio 2, Mime Centrum Berlin | Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin
performance begins 20h sharp, discussion/ artist talk ca. 21:45