bilwa | nagao | reulecke

a one-hour structure for improvised movement and sound
28 March 2015 | 20 h | Mime Centrum Berlin>
akemi nagao – dance (jp/de)
ingo reulecke – dance (de)
william “bilwa” costa – objects/prepared piano (us/de)

Akemi Nagao is a Berlin based Japanese dancer and choreographer. She has been dancing since she was three years old. Her dance background is ballet, street dance, soul dance in Japan. She started to develop her movement history into the contemporary dance and improvisation dance in Berlin from 2007. She has worked for Micha Purucker, Louise Wagner, Gerhart Hauptmann Theatre Görlitz-Zittau/wee dance company, Eva Baumann, Carl Orff/Lemi Ponifasio, and more choreographers and artists. She has also collaborated with Stina Nilsson, Ingo Reulecke, Fatou Traoré, William “Bilwa” Costa, Dietmar Kirstein, Adam Pultz Melbye, Michihiro Morisada, Michael Tuttle, Léo Dupleix, Yannick Dupont, Louis Evrard, Jasmin Schaitl and a lot of different kind of artists in Berlin, Brussels, Vienna and Japan. She has received founding from Kulturtopf Bremerhaven for the piece “A Step” which created with Michael Tuttle (sound artist) in 2012 and she had a residency at workspacebrussels at Kaaitheater Living in Brussels in October 2014.
She was invited to teach a workshop as a guest artist from the Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien in April 2014.
Ingo Reulecke studied choreography at the college of the art “Ernst Busch” Berlin after completing his training in contemporary dance.
1994 and 97 study grants from the Berlin Senate for New York City.
Guest lecturer at the collage the art “Ernst Busch” in Berlin and at the Palucca Hochschule in Dresden since 1995.
1998/99 DAAD scholarship for a year in NYC.
2009 Co-production with L. Matthaei for the site specific work „2109“
2009 cooperation with the iranian director Ayat Najafi for „Lady Teheran“
2010 `Sender Weimar`, ( Kunstfest Weimar ) site specific installation in cooperation with Lukas Matthaei & 2012 ́urbanscape ́ a site specific installation in berlin
2012-2014 reulecke lead the site specific project with 11 different projects involved „bauhaus tanzen“. A collaboration between Bauhaus Dessau, Anhaltisches Theater Dessau, Technical University Berlin, Inter-University Center for Dance Berlin.
Since 2004 I. Reulecke has a professorship in choreography and is leading the dance departement in the college of the arts “Ernst Busch” Berlin.
From 2006-2012 he started the directorship in the co-operative dance education centre berlin.
William “Bilwa” Costa is an artist who works in the sound, movement, performance, and visual arts contexts. Improvisation and collaboration with other artists are essential elements of his work. He works internationally, generating research, lab, and performance projects, actively cultivating opportunities for artists to work together on new interdisciplinary experiments.

Bilwa has performed, exhibited, led workshops, curated, organized, and guest lectured in N. America, Europe, and Australia.
28 March 2015 | performance 20 – 21 h | ca. 21:15 artist talk
Mime Centrum Berlin, Studio 2 (2nd floor) | Kunstquartier Bethanien |