detmers – de vries – michailidou

1 July 2017 | 20:00 | Mime Centrum Berlin

from scratch

Maria Michailidou
Esmeralda Detmers
Zwaan de Vries


We’re interested in bringing together three different disciplines: acting, voice and dance. By using their specific attributes we envision to create a common ground where the three disciplines meet.
Applying the formal elements of improvisation-time, space, dynamics, relationships, composition-we’re looking for creating a context from within stories unfold in the present time. These stories define the content of our improvisation that expresses itself through movement, text and vocalisation.

We approach voice and language as our inner music rooted in the body that carries its own timing, rhythm and meanings. Voice and language are not separate from our physical and sensorial experience.
“I am a dance artist who uses improvisation and choreography to understand myself in relation to the complexity of the world.”
“Voice is sound, story, song and dance in space and time.
I love to connect my voice with ‘the Other’.”

“ I love to work with different disciplines. It stretches my own limits and opens up a whole other scale of creativity.”
Saturday, 1 July 2017
20:00 sharp, with artist talk
at Mime Centrum Berlin
Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin