a one-hour structure for improvised movement and sound

biliana voutchkova – violin (bulg/us/de)
ingo reulecke – dance (de)
klaus janek – double-bass (it/de)
lisanne goodhue – dance (can/de)

grapeshade was conceived in 2009 in Berlin, it is a formation dedicated to expanding the relationship between music/sound, dance/movement improvisation and real time composition in site-specific settings. The group searches the balance between all those elements where nether the music nor the dance takes the lead role eliminating the usual tendency of one becoming an accompaniment. Grapeshade focuses on wide range of tasks that shape each performance – response/repetition, reaction/ignorance towards individual impulse, minimalism/reduction, fragmentation, symbiosis, interruption, disturbance, and various other ways of transforming the present momentum into an alternative artistic form.

biliana voutchkova studied classical violin, in her college years starts being involved with the contemporary and improvised music scene. a risk taker approaching contemporary classical repertoire with the same inspiration and freedom characteristic of her forceful improvisations. involved in interaction with dancers, improvisers, composers, visual artists and others eager to search into the unknown, among those Frances-Marie Uitti, Matthias Bauer, Chiyoko Szlavnics, Robin Hayward, Michael Thieke, Axel Dörner, Louise Wagner. collaborates with Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop, the Splitter Orchestra, Ensemble Modern, Insomnio, Mozaik, Das Neue Ensemble Hannover, MusikFabrik, Sasha Waltz & Guests, Oper Dynamo West. appears in festivals and concert series in EU, USA and Japan.

ingo reulecke studied choreography at the college of the art “Ernst Busch” Berlin after completing his training in contemporary dance.
1994 and 97 study grants from the Berlin Senate for New York City.
Guest lecturer at the collage the art “Ernst Busch” in Berlin and at the Palucca Hochschule in Dresden since 1995.
1998/99 DAAD scholarship for a year in NYC.
2009 Co-production with L. Matthaei for the site specific work „2109“
2009 cooperation with the iranian director Ayat Najafi for „Lady Teheran“
2010 `Sender Weimar`, ( Kunstfest Weimar ) site specific installation in cooperation with Lukas Matthaei & 2012 ́urbanscape ́ a site specific installation in berlin
2012-2014 reulecke lead the site specific project with 11 different projects involved „bauhaus tanzen“. A collaboration between Bauhaus Dessau, Anhaltisches Theater Dessau, Technical University Berlin, Inter-University Center for Dance Berlin.
Since 2004 I. Reulecke has a professorship in choreography and is leading the dance departement in the college of the arts “Ernst Busch” Berlin.
From 2006-2012 he started the directorship in the co-operative dance education centre berlin.
klaus janek studied classical doublebass with M. Muraro, Venice, workshops with D.Holland, P.Kowald. L.Butch Morris.
explores avantgarde music and works on sound research on the double bass and later on the combination between the double bass and electronics. gets involved in the improvised music scene and lots of traditional and electronic music, published CD (FMP, edel classics, Minor Music, Solponticello, Ubiquity and others), in between three solo double bass CDs. composes music for cinema, theater and dance theater. art direction of various concert series in Italy and Germany. concert and festival appearances in EU, USA, Israel and Russia. freelances for Meta Design in conception and production since 2008.
lisanne goodhue Born in 1986 in Montreal, based in Berlin since 2011, Lisanne received her classical dance training at L’École Supérieure de Danse du Québec and Le Jeune Ballet du Québec, Montréal, Canada and in contemporary dance at Ladmmi, l’école de danse contemporaine, Mtl (2010).

Since 2009, she is a close collaborator of the berliner choreograph Sebastian Matthias. Their work basssolo (2009), Tremor (2010), Dezett (2011) and Wallen (2012) were danced in Montreal, New York, Berlin, Hamburg, Freiburg, Dresden, Bern and Szczecin. They have been award of several price such as the Jury’s Price for Tremor in the 100 degrees Festival in Sophiensaele, Berlin. The production was invited at Tanzplattform Deutschland in the end of February 2012 as well as in Impulstanz, Vienna 2012. Since 2007, her work as a dancer has been seen in several dance events in Montréal, Bruxelles and Berlin. She led a research period in Leipzig during the summer 2012 at the Leipziger TanzTheater in the !mehr TANZ residency project.

Lisanne has also a formation in visual art in Collège Montmorency, Laval, Canada (2007). In the practice of those two mediums, her preoccupation is to find a sharing experience through the abstract movement.

Lisanne is a part of the production Dansereye, the project of Sebastian Matthias’s team (Première in Hamburg-Kampnagel in January 2013)
18 April 2015 | performance 20 h | artist talk ca. 21:15 h
Mime Centrum Berlin, Studio 2 (2nd floor) | Kunstquartier Bethanien | Mariannenplatz 2 | 10997 Berlin