playground #2


Elma Riza – concept, performance
Klaus Janek – sound


„Playgrounds“ is a series of improvised solos in which the rules of the game are constantly reinvented. It involves body, space and object and the interplay of action and abstraction. The emerging landscapes are created by movements and rewriting of the rules of the game in the present moment. Space evolves and is undone; an imagined topography of the game develops in the process of improvisation – based on composition, the presence of the body and sound.
“(…) You start to compose a landscape within wich an event can take place
without necessarily knowing what kind of event it will be. But as you begin to assemble objects you are already discovering something about it´s dimension and qualities. Shaping and reshaping the landscape is an integral part of improvisation (…)””Body, space, image: notes towards improvisation and performance”
Miranda Tufnell, Chris Crickmay
Dance Books, 1993

Elma Riza
French visual artist – improviser and performer.
Works and lives in Berlin since 2007.
Graduated from the Kunsthochschule Berlin – KHB in 2012.

Between 2007 and 2011 she worked mostly with video and photography. Then she started to study improvisation – instant composition with different choreographers and performers (Fanny de Chaillé, Jean-Jacques Sanchez, Eva Burghardt, Yuko Kaseki/Isak Immanuel, William Bilwa Costa, Sten Rudstrom, Rosalind Crisp…).
In march 2014, she started Imprévu Berlin – Interdisciplinary Platform for Instant Composition.Besides, she developed a series of solo installations/performance, recherche which make the connection between her work in Instant composition and in Visual Arts. And open her research to collaboration with other artist, dancer and performer. Whether in her photographic, video or performative work, her starting point is always the space. The space as a point of departure for visual research, with omnipresent consciousness of the location of the body in space. In addition, the research creates a sensitive experience triggered by the moment and everything that is included in this situation. The moment, which can be experienced in a active or a contemplative manner: fleeting or suspended moments near from infinity.
Klaus Janek studied classical doublebass with M. Muraro, Venice, workshops with D.Holland, P.Kowald. L.Butch Morris.
explores avantgarde music and works on sound research on the double bass and later on the combination between the double bass and electronics. gets involved in the improvised music scene and lots of traditional and electronic music, published CD (FMP, edel classics, Minor Music, Solponticello, Ubiquity and others), in between three solo double bass CDs. composes music for cinema, theater and dance theater. art direction of various concert series in Italy and Germany. concert and festival appearances in EU, USA, Israel and Russia. freelances for Meta Design in conception and production since 2008.
collaboration with dancers/choreographers such as Meg Stuart, Jeremey Wade, Storm, Maria Scaroni, Jess Curtis, Britta Pudelko, Raphael, Thierry Niang, Patrice Chereau.
30 April 2015 | Studio 2, Mime Centrum Berlin | Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin
performance begins 20h sharp, discussion/ artist talk ca. 21:45
entrance: donation