story of shapes

– extended blue –
an installation-performance
concept: Elma Riza
performance: Mireia Aragonés & Elma Riza
sound: Eric Wong


The story began in January 2015 as a solo work and became recently extended. This research is about imaginary and real space, a visual and acoustic composition in constant transformation. The performers and musician work with the idea of shapes as a starting point and deal with the different aspects and topics emerging from this visual element. The bodies become a still picture for a moment and is part of the visual composition, along with the minimal soundscape and pulses, jumping back to movements and improvisation. It is a constant change between abstraction and a living story, questioning how space can influence us and our actions, and change our perception of time.

“Story of Shapes – Extended Blue” is a work in Progress, we give the focus on the process and for it understand the performance as practice. It´s a endless process, each performance is new but in the same time is the continuity of the last one.

„Story of Shapes“ is about a sensitive dialog between the body and the shape. The improvisation switches continuously between poetic fictions and graphic research. For it we use tapes to have the possibility to change every time the configuration of space.

Blue is what solicits a certain way of looking from me, it is what allows itself to be palpated by a specific movement of my gaze. It is a certain field or a certain atmosphere offered to the power of my eyes and of my entire body. (Phenomenology of Perception, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, 1945)
© luca s. (at studio 2/ mime centrum berlin)

Saturday, 29 April
20:00 sharp | with artist talk
Studio 2 – Mime Centrum Berlin | Mariannenplatz 2 | 10997 Berlin