studio bLAU is a space for performative close encounters with focus on vocal performance art and multi sensorial settings
after the performances you are welcome to enjoy some snacks, drinks and good talks


studio bLAU #5 // 25 june '17
— BodyLeaks // anna weißenfels // dance

— ixchel // ixchel mendoza hernández // dance

— erratic repetition no. 2: home across the universe // dodi helschinger & jagna anderson // e-guitar, performative installation

anna weißenfels

BodyLeaks is a movement research fed by my physical knowledge throughout dance education/experience as well as subconscious physical traces/memories.
this junction may project a body matrix connecting different contexts and dance genres.
within my research I also tempt to plug into a collective body consciousness channelling information that derive from a passive social and medial input.

my body leaks when I let it flow, then it can emerge what my body knows
physical communication, cultural imitation, physical education, cultural connotation
with a smart ass, with a canny hand, with a sassy leg I did store it all!

my body leaks / my body knows
my body leaks / my body knows

ixchel mendoza hernández

in her work in progress Ixchel Mendoza Hernández is exploring the capacity of transformation in a body in motion. the goal is to reach a “transmutation”, as a possible alchemist process. changes do not occur in a material level, but in a perceptional one, creating an enigmatic atmosphere of distorted impressions.

music by inon peres

erratic repetition nr. 2

setting for poetic e-guitar and performative installation

dodi helschinger – e-guitar
jagna anderson – installation

home across the universe

fragile fissures occur amidst the drone
we are doors slightly ajar
like a blink
like an electric crackle from afar
silent lines are crossing space and time

studio bLAU #4 // 21 may '17
— strange attractor // maría ferrara & nikolaus kirstein // voice & piano

— beat/a // jagna anderson // vocal performance art

— erratic repetition no. 1 // dodi helschinger // e-guitar

Nikolaus Kirstein – piano
María Ferrara – voice

Strange Attractor
An attractor is a set of states towards which a dynamic system tends to evolve, for a wide range of initial conditions of the system. If a dynamic system is chaotic, small changes of its initial condition may lead to significantly different future trajectories. In some chaotic systems, different initial conditions produce trajectories that may diverge arbitrarily from each other before eventually evolving towards a similar state. These systems are said to have a strange attractor. Systems with a strange attractor are locally unstable yet globally stable: once a trajectory has entered the attractor, nearby states may diverge significantly from one another but never leave the attractor.

jagna anderson

i wish to share a part of my current research for the solo project opetanie/oslupienie (possession/petrification). inspired by descriptions of embodied mystical experience of medieval women i am focusing on the idea of burning and expanding heart. the expanding inner organ was expressing itself in (involuntarily) movements of the body and preverbal sounds. the mystical experience is not a part of my research. i am just interested in the embodied experience of voice expressing movements of the heart. i don’t know yet if this experience can be shared. so maybe i will offer you just ten minutes of silence and heartbeat.

dodi helschinger

erratic repetition nr.1
solo for poetic e-guitar

my guitar is my voice. i speak, i moan, i stammer. have something to say. try not to say anything. the bow scrapes over metal like a pen on a piece of paper. you can read me betwixt the strings. repeat myself. clean my throat and start the same sentence all over again. miss. don’t promise. sometimes all that’s left is silence, like an electric crackle from afar.

studio bLAU #3 // 19 march '17
— fugacity #3 // martin lau & susanne soldan // sound poetry & minimal movement

— parhelia – working with sundogs // jagna anderson & dodi helschinger // vocal performance art


studio bLAU #2 // 19 february '17
ensemble medulla

    ulrike sowodniok
    lea søvsø
    anna weißenfels
    dodi helschinger
    jagna anderson

“We play at overlapping the sounds of our voices and explore this playing. The structures within the sound communicate with the physical space and meaning emerges out of the subtle interspaces of embodiment. Movements, time relationships and verbal subtexts originate out of the network woven by the sound textures of our voices.”


studio bLAU #1 // 11 december '16
Maya Raghavan – Will be tittleD
Jagna Anderson – Monochrome #2
Dodi Helschinger – Dicht und unGedicht

    Maya Raghavan – Will be titleD

    I am trying to cognitively fragment myself by
    1. separating audible from visible breathing,
    2. knowing that i am doing the opposite of what i am doing, somewhere that I am not,
    3. putting together tasks that seem to not be able to share the same space and time.
    Although I want you to watch me so that I can watch you, what I really want is to be watching my breath the whole way through, and that you are watching yours, even when you are watching mine


    Jagna Anderson – Monochrome #2 – work in progress

    Monochrome is a sketch, reducing the colors and focusing on texture, volume and chiaroscuro.
    I am exploring body as a smooth territory: A kind of uncharted space, like an ocean or a desert, rippled by pulsation and endlessly open. The main tool to navigate there is the sound of my voice.
    I am exploring the sound of voice as a smooth territory: Without melodic lines and harmonic planes, but rippled by textures and pulsating rhythms. There are endless feedback loops between the textures of the body and textures of the sound.


    Dodi Helschinger – Dicht und unGedicht
    aus: “eine heile welt” – thrillergedichte
    texte und lesung: dodi helschinger
    sound: jagna anderson
    (lesung in deutscher sprache)

    from: “a cosy world” – thriller-poems
    texts and reading: dodi helschinger
    sound: jagna anderson
    (reading in german)

    allzu bekannte elemente des serien-krimis verbinden sich mit den gestaltungsmitteln der lyrik zu etwas neuem. formal zwischen gedicht und prosaminiatur changierend, begleitet von einem minimalistischen soundscape, treiben die thrillergedichte ein atmosphärisch dichtes spiel mit den erwartungen des publikums.

    too familiar elements of tv-crime-series conglomerate with means of poetic expression and thus merge into something new. shimmering between poem and prose and underscored by a minimalistic soundscape, the miniatures play with the listener’ s expectations in atmospheric density.