a garden

Korhan Erel – sound
Jagna Anderson – movement


The core of this project, developed together with a computer musician, improviser and composer Korhan Erel, is setting of a multi-perspective spatial and sonic structure, which will keep developing, evolving, growing for about 40 minutes.
We are creating an environment of polyrhythmic and cyclical temporality, consisting of pulsating, vibrating, fluid textures, in which “natural” and “artificial” elements are interwoven and sometimes undistinguishable or highly ambivalent and dazzling.

“Nature” and “culture”, analogue and digital, body and machine are paradoxically and intimately matched.

Jagna’s research focuses on textures and on external as well as internal surfaces of the body in dialogue with the textures of the sound. She is not concerned in “producing” any movement, but in acknowledging the movement, the constant changes of shape and the shifts of attention, which happen. Jagna is like a gardener: looking at the plants growing and from time to time taking special care of some areas that need it.

Korhan’s approach to sound performance comes from the idea of spreading the work surface / musical set-up over a larger space, limiting the electronic musicians accessibility to their devices, disabling multitasking, letting go of control. The devices become plants, which the gardener attends one at a time on the periphery of the garden. Korhan opens up a space for Jagna in his workspace instead of having dance outside it as a separate entity.

The sounds range from urban recordings to spoken text and pre-made sound collages and short loops. Live manipulation is sparse, but there.

The garden is an intimate space, defined but porous between inside and outside, as well as porous between the organic matter and the synthetic structures.
11 June 2016
Mime Centrum Berlin | Mariannenplatz 2 | 10997 Berlin