questioning “state”

29 – 31 May 2015 | Phynixtanzt studio

a research project by laura hicks (can/de)
in cooperation with impro.per.arts GbR and Tanz & Theater im Phynix e.V.

What are your points of entry? When are you “in” and when are you “out”? What does that mean in terms of how you are working and training?
Improvising from a place of physical or psychological “state” I am curious about how you describe what you do when digging into movement material, sourcing, excavating, modulating…what are we doing? What are we sourcing from?
How do we create “states” or change “states” and use these as a source for movement research or training?
This is a call to dance professionals or movers with experience in improvisation to engage in three or four days of durational movement sessions. In the research we will look for different points of entry through sensation, impulse, imagery, and intensity, mixing up our perception and cognition to attempt to define for ourselves when we are sourcing movement from a place of “state”.


The research will be used as part of Laura Hicks’ Master’s Thesis for MACoDE (Master’s in Contemporary Dance Education) at HfMDK Frankfurt.
This is an opportunity for participants to work with open concepts and processes within a closed group, free from the pressure of performance or composition. The idea is to build trust within the group and creating an environment where we can learn from one another. Participants will also have the opportunity to contribute directly to the research through interviews and questionnaires, and will be credited accordingly in the event of publication.

Laura Hicks

(1979) is a Canadian dancer, choreographer and teacher living in Germany. Her artistic practice questions awareness and perception, cultivates a curiosity about movement patterning and intention, and uses tools relating to image, state, and voice. Her work is inspired by a study, and love for improvisation and contact improvisation, Bartenieff Fundamentals, functional anatomy, and physical theatre. Companies she has worked with who have had a great influence are: EDAM Dance, MACHiNENOiSY, DanStaBat, Random Scream (BE), and the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange. She is currently completing a Master of Arts in Contemporary Dance Education with the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts and occasionally collaborates with Kovács/O’Doherty in Berlin.

Time: 29 – 31 May, Fri 15-18h, Sat & Sun 12:30-15:30h
Location: Phynixtanzt studio, Hasenheide 54 – 10967 Berlin | SÜDSTERNHÖFE | 2-3 yard – 4 floor | U7 SÜDSTERN
We are looking for professional dancers or movers with experience in improvisation.
Participation is free.
If you are interested please send a short bio introducing yourself and describing your experience in improvisation to: lauraliann (at) or team (at)
Application deadline: 14 May 2014

Initial stages of the research were completed at Quartier Am Hafen, in Koln in April 2015. Many thanks to the MD Kollektiv and the dancers who took part there: Susanne Grau, Adam Ster, Valerie Kommer, Shan Li Peng, Ronja Nadler, and Susanna Horn.

Other dates and locations:

    Ponderosa Stolzenhagen
    June 20,21,22
    Times to be determined! Free of charge. Participants cover their own food and accommodation at Ponderosa.
    Please see for details.
    K3 Hamburg
    June 25, 26, 27, 28 (4 days total!!)
    Free of charge. Times to be determined!