ruth zaporah

7 – 8 June 2014 | 11 – 17 h | Mime Centrum Berlin

Action Theater Workshop with Ruth Zaporah

Advancing the practice:The faeries and the engineer

In our lives and on stage, most of us are squeezed between longing for a poetic life (enter the faeries) and the bland requirements of survival (enter the engineer). The Action Theater improvisation performance practice integrates this duality thereby enhancing and enlivening life no matter it’s context. The practice offers strong invitations to the faeries to enliven our imaginal journey, our perceptions and responses. At the same time the practice encourages and sometimes tricks the engineer toward expansive skillfullness; movement, voice, speech, solo, relationship, ensemble, Hand in hand the faeries and the engineer collaborate taking the improviser on a splendid journey of embodied raw honest pristine surprising content. As most practices, Action Theater demands to be entered over and over again, in order to expose, examine, enhance and lubricate the patterned system that we call “us.” 
This workshop is open to Action Theater practitioners and others with advance skills in related fields.