urban matters

25 – 29 july 2016 | workshop | mime centrum berlin

creative exercises in urban ecology of sound and movement

Urban Matters is a workshop based on the experience of the performance project Görli Dreamin’. It sets off from John Cage’s appreciation of the “Symphony of the City” and R. Murray Schafer’s concept of acoustic ecology, and goes beyond hearing/listening, to include sight, touch, smell and proprioception, working both in the urban space and in the studio.

We will explore the city with our sensing, sounding and moving bodies. We will investigate movements, sounds, textures and the spatial and temporal patterns that our bodies create during and after this encounter.

We will question our roles and states as listeners/observers or as sounders/movers and integrate these questions into a creation process in the studio.

Open for movers, vocalists and musicians/sound artists. Maximum 12 participants.
If interested, please send a short letter of motivation to Jagna Anderson:
team (at) impro-per-arts (dot) de

Born in Poland, Jagna Anderson is a Berlin-based performer and freelance curator. Coming from university studies in Art History and Philosophy, she shifted her focus entirely to artistic work in 2010, exploring modes of connecting sounding experience and body movement. In 2013/14 Jagna co-founded impro.per.arts – an international platform engaged with improvisation as performance art, hosting performances, research projects and workshops. Since 2014 she is leading the weekly performance lab at Mime Centrum Berlin. 2015 she developed and staged Görli Dreamin’, a research and performance project linking the ideas of acoustic ecology and an ecology of urban movement practices. Besides her solo and collaborative work (currently with Korhan Erel, Dodi Helschinger, Ayam Am), Jagna is also engaged with facilitating creative group processes and is leading a weekly instant-composition lab at Mime Centrum.

25 – 29 July | 12:00 – 18:00 | site and studio work
costs: 120 €* / 155 € (*till June 22)