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Görli Dreamin’ is the first piece completely produced by impro.per.arts. The premiere took place on Sunday, September 6 and one further performance is scheduled for September 12. For impro.per.arts a curatorial platform focusing on improvisation and instant composition, to include production into the field of our activity feels at first as a new step. But it is rather a new self-perception of quite familiar activities.

The experience with Görli Dreamin’ is reassuring in this regard: Yes, also an improvised or semi-improvised piece need to be produced. We consider important to give an appropriate visibility to the work which has to be done in this context and to get it out of the shadow. In this shadow, as free lance artists and particularly as improvisers, we are producing, managing, marketing, documenting our own work. As curators of improvisation we are also not just scheduling an event and then opening the studio door to let the improvisation unfold. There are hidden costs which should be realized and disclosed in order to describe and evaluate our work properly.

So let us start disclosing with naming some persons and institutions behind the scenes of the Görli Dreamin’ premiere to which we owe great thanks:

Dodi Helschinger – production assistant
Roberto Duarte – documentation, trailer & technical support
Jenny Haack, Reinhild Kuhn, Meltem Nil – support team on the day of the premiere
Jaya Härtlein, Akemi Nagao, Katharina Resch – support team on Sept 12

Our special thanks go to Mime Centrum Berlin and Thilo Wittenbecher for supporting the whole process of production and providing the premiere with superb technical features, which enabled a very high quality video screening. Many thanks also to Helmtraut Radwan and Christine Henninger for their patience and friendly support with the complicated rehearsal bookings and all the technical stuff …

Jagna Anderson, artistic director of impro.per.arts

above: film still by roberto duarte

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