CALL w//e can be us


w//e can be us is an intercultural walking art project
initiated by jagna anderson & dodi helschinger

as Europe closes its borders tighter,
w//e can be us is opening an invitation to walk + talk
in the non-place of the former Berlin Wall

in one-to-one settings w//e explore our notion of borders, caesuras and relations while physically engaging with the inhuman dimension of the (absent) wall and the body sensation of this scar tissue in the cityscape between former west and former east

w//e are not only mapping the ceasura of the once divided city
w//e question also borders within ourselves

if I is the limit of the world (wittgenstein) what are w//e?

w//e can be us creates time & space for an ephemeral social utopia of encounters beyond the boundaries and allows a visionary collective (re)thinking of identity and difference, of togetherness and strangeness

the call is open to artists of all disciplines, theorists, activists and experts in their own experience. w//e wish to meet people who are either biographically or artistically or politically or theoretically engaged in the topic of (manifest or invisible) borders, caesuras and relations and who are intersted in integrating the shared 10 km of walk + talk into their own work/process

w//e can be us is already underway and will continue till the end of November 2018
dates will be arranged individually with each participant.
please apply from July 1 till September 30 with a short letter of motivation
e-mail: team (at)

participation is free
impro:per:arts cannot cover neither travel nor accommodation expenses

you may chose your starting point from the list below

1. Potsdamer Platz – Warschauer str.
2. Warschauer str. – Blaschkoalle
3. Blaschkoallee – Rudow
4. Rudow – Gropiusstadt
5. Gropiusstadt – Lichtenrade
6. Lichtenrade – Lichterfelde Süd
7. Lichterfelde Süd – Kleinmachnow / An der Stammbahn
8. Kleinmachnow / An der Stammbahn – Griebnitzsee
9. Griebnitzsee – Wannsee
10. Wannsee – Ritterfelddam/Gatow
11. Ritterfelddamm /Gatow – Staaken
12. Staaken – Jagdhaus Spandau
13. Jagdhaus Spandau – Hennigsdorf
14. Hennigsdorf – Frohnau/ Gralsburgsteig
15. Frohnau /Gralsburgsteig – Hermsdorf
16. Hermsdorf – Wittenau/ Heinz-Brant-Str.
17. Wittenau/ Heinz-Brandt-Str. – Bernauer Str.
18. Bernauer Str. – Potsdamer Platz