a production of TanzuferInternational

Concept, dance & voice:
Paolo Cingolani (I), Bettina Neuhaus (NL), Ursula Sabatin (A)
The performance ‘creatura’ questions the multi-facetted and transformative nature of human beings propelled not only by our individuality and social interrelationships but also by our instinct and animalistic roots.
The piece builds on the interplay of scenic images, choreographic configurations and pure dancing, switching between quiet atmospheric images and very dynamic movement.
Spoken words that project texture and meaning into the space provide an additional dramaturgical layer within the performance.
In the course of the piece the encounters and interactions of the performers weave a complex mesh of relations flowing into a choreography of simultaneous actions that take the spectator beyond the notion of linear time. The contours of the individuals begin to blur as their expressive physicality emerges in new and often poetic constellations and varieties.

TanzuferInternational was founded by Ursula Sabatin and Bettina Neuhaus in 2014. This platform for contemporary music and dance focuses on the collaboration of international artists by residencies and performances in diverse settings in different places in Europe. The productions ‚SWIFT’ and ‚plot’ were presented in different theatres and festivals in London, Berlin and Vorarlberg.


in the scope of 60_minutes performance series
13 October 2018 | 20:00
Kunstquartier Bethanien | Mime Centrum Studio2 | Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin


The artists

URSULA SABATIN (A) is an independent dance artist and artistic director of Tanzufer based in Bregenz, Austria. She studied dance at the Conservatorium, Vienna.
She has travelled extensively throughout Europe and the U.S. studying choreography and composition with foremost international artists in the field of contemporary dance.
Her work focuses on live performance and site-specific work. She is also particularly interested in the collaboration with music, calligraphy, photography and film. Since 2005 she has created work for her own Company Tanzufer showing her work regularly in the region and abroad. Together with Bettina Neuhaus she is founder and part of TanzuferInternational, where she collaborates with dancers and musicians, working and performing in Austria and throughout Europe. Her Solo „Anwesenheit“ based in a sound installation of Susan Philipsz at the Kunsthaus Bregenz 2016 was widely acclaimed. Other recent work includes the video Installation „wart mal“, a project including architecture, dance and sound, which was shown in Austria 2017.

BETTINA NEUHAUS (NL) is an independent dance artist based in Amsterdam. She studied contemporary dance at the Theatreschool in Amsterdam and later received her MA in Dance / Creative Practice at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in partnership with Independent Dance, London. Her choreographic and performative work centers around Instant Composition including collaborations with musicians, visual artists, poets and philosophers. Her artistic work investigates the relationship between the tangible, multi-sensorial dancing body with its inherent imagination, intelligence and poetry and its social and ecological context. Her recent performance work includes collaborations with dance artists Eva Karczag, Vanessa Grasse and Akemi Nagao, composer and sound artist Sharon Stewart and SCALES, a trio with musicians Adam Pultz Melbye and Chris Heenan. Bettina teaches Instant Composition and Skinner Relasing Technique at major academies, universities, festivals and studios throughout Europe and South America.

PAOLO CINGOLANI (I)  is an Italian dancer specialized in the art of improvisation and instant composition. Teacher of Tai Ji Qi Gong since 2006, he became active in the dance scene after his degree in anthropology (Rome, 2004). He mostly works as independent artist, making performance and projects with other artists, dancers, musicians and visual designers. In this freelance context, he has performed extensively throughout Europe (2005-2017). He has been a member of Allen’s Line Company of Julyen Hamilton for many years. Allen’s Line has presented its productions in Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Strasbourg and Oslo (2012-2017).
As a performer he has created a clear poetic of body as well as a personal way of interpreting and acting in the theatre of improvisation and instant composition. His work represents a clear example of synergy and integration between dance, theatre and poetry in action.